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Sa., 28. Sept.


Feng Shui Haus Leipzig

Street Magic 101

Street magic is the magic of the heart, that I have cultivated over ten years of magical practice between arabic, western, south american and african traditions of magic and mysticism. All of these experience will be there available for you to help you on your magical path.

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Street Magic 101
Street Magic 101

Zeit & Ort

28. Sept. 2019, 11:00

Feng Shui Haus Leipzig, Walter-Heinze-Straße 1, Leipzig, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

The workshop will focus on helping you find the seeds of magic within your heart so you can find the gold and clean it up from the lead. But to understand that it always was and will be gold!  

This is about you working with what you fear in you to help you on your path to embrace all that is you. In my experience with clients this is a lot. However, it would be my personal pleasure to see your flowers blossom before me.....truly a beautiful sight to behold  

So see you at the Feng Shui Haus and may the street show you your gold and may chaos be your authority!  

Price: 50 Euros for the three hours! 

Time: 11 - 14 Uhr

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